Access to Information

Regulations 5(5) and 6 of the 1981 Information Regulations require head teachers to make available information about the items listed below, and contain provisions about access to up-to-date copies of the relevant documents.

  1. The LEA’s statement of curriculum policy and, where it exists, the Governing Bodies statement of curriculum aims;
  2. Any statutory instruments (including statutory orders or National Curriculum subjects), circulars and administrative memoranda relating to powers and du-ties under Chapter 1 of the Education Reform Act (The Curriculum) which are sent to schools by the department;
  3. Any published HMI reports which refer expressly to the school;
  4. Any schemes of work currently used by teachers in the school;
  5. Any syllabuses followed whether for public examinations or otherwise;
  6. A full copy of the arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum made by the LEA, and approved by the Secretary of State under Section 2.23 of the Education Reform Act;
  7. The LEA’s agreed syllabus for Religious Education.
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