Charging Policy

Any educational activities organised by the school which incur additional cost, extra to that normally provided for from within school capitation, can only be fulfilled if:

i. the activity is wholly or mainly financed by the school; or
ii. sufficient voluntary contributions are received from parents; or
iii. there is a combination of funds from the school and voluntary contributions from parents.

In accordance with the Education Act, 1988 (Charges for School Activities) each activity will be assessed individually and financial provision made clear as to the source of funding.




Parents should be aware that there is no universal personal accident cover for school children.

Because it has no insurable interest, the Council's policies cannot extend to cover pupils engaged on educational visits, school journeys, etc. although the general liability policy protects the Council against the consequences of actions brought against it on behalf of pupils. Insurance is always taken out by the school for visits in this and other countries involving an overnight stay. Parents are advised to check with the head teacher for more detailed information. Parents are, of course, at liberty to take out insurance on an individual basis should they want additional cover for their children.

We at Loatlands would recommend that parents consider a personal accident policy.


This school does not carry any insurance cover for personal property, nor does it accept any liability. Should parents be kind enough to loan items to the school, we suggest that if the objects are of value then parents contact their insurance company to arrange cover.

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