Our Daily Routines

9.00—9.15  or 12.45—1.00

Parents and Carers bring their child into the Nursery. Children put their names on the Registration board and you settle your child at an activity. There will usually be a member of staff free to greet you and take any messages.

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9.30 –10.30 or 1.15—2.15

Children can choose where they would like to be—inside or outside.

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Outside play—children need to be dressed appropriately for climbing and running. Shoes need to be “sensible” , so no high heels, no open-toed sandals or flip flops and no loose slouchy boots. Children need coats every day, and in hot weather they need suncream on and sunhats.

10.30—11. 00 or 2.15— 2.45

Children go to their own special group on three days a week. They will be with their key worker for a story, a snack and a chat. On one day a week we all come together for singing, and on Fridays it’s a bit different  (more about that later).

Snacks—children will be offered a healthy snack everyday. Two sorts of fruit or vegetable are on offer everyday, and a choice of milk or water to drink.


11.00—11.30 or 2.45—3.15

Children play in  an area with their keyworker and you come in and pick them up between 11.15 and 11.30 or 3.00 and 3.15.

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