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Who’s who in the Nursery?

Miss Alison Ball

Miss Ball is the Head of the Nursery and the Foundation Stage Leader. This means she is responsible for the Nursery and the Reception staff and children. She is an experienced teacher and is part of the Senior Management team for the Primary School. She is also the Early Years SENCo, which means  she is the coordinator for all issues concerning children with Special Education Needs, and liaises with other agencies (such as Health Visitors and Social Services). She is also a mentor for students from different colleges and universities and is the key worker for Yellow Group, our very  youngest children in Nursery.

Mrs Sarah Proctor

Mrs Proctor  is an experienced Early Years teacher. She is responsible when Miss Ball is working away from the Nursery, and is the keyworker for Green Group (our oldest children). Mrs Proctor also works in Year 1 and is the coordinator for Art and DT , and for Gifted and Talented pupils, for the whole school.

Mrs Maureen Bailey

Mrs Bailey is a Nursery Nurse who works Mondays to Wednesdays. She is one of the key workers for Red Group. Mrs Bailey also covers for the teachers when they are working in the Main School.

Mrs Denise Read

Mrs Read is a Nursery Nurse who works Wednesdays to Fridays. She is one of the keyworkers for Red Group, and covers for the teachers when they are working in the Main School. Mrs Read is also Chair of the Parents’ association, known as PALS.

Mrs Corinne Wood

Mrs Wood is a Learning Support Assistant. She supports all the staff and children from Mondays to Fridays.

All the staff take part in planning and record keeping and they will work with your child during the Nursery session. Your child will be allocated to one particular member of staff (known as your Keyworker). She will visit you at home before your child starts at  Nursery. She is responsible  for observing your child and will plan his or her next steps in their learning. You will also meet your child’s Keyworker at parents’ evenings and you can speak  to her everyday if you want to. You can also make an appointment to speak to Miss Ball at any time.

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