Parent Teacher Partnership

At various times during the school year you will be invited to come in and see your child’s class teacher to discuss progress. In addition to these regular meetings parents received a School Report at the end of the Summer Term and will have the opportunity to discuss this with the class teacher at Parents Evening in July.

If a concern or problem arises then an arrangement to meet the class teacher should be made. The head teacher is also available once the class teach-er has had the chance to discuss the problem. Please do not try to discuss these matters with the class teacher during lesson time as they cannot give you their full attention whilst looking after thirty children. An appointment will be made for you with the teacher so that the matter can be discussed properly and resolved.

Home -  School Agreements

We have a variety of agreement forms that we need you to sign and return to us.

  • At the start of your child’ school career you will be asked to sign a Home School agreement which lists the expectations and responsibilities of school, pupils and parents.
  • Internet use— before pupils use the internet parents will be asked to discuss and sign an agreement for acceptable and responsible use.
  • Occasional local visits are arranged which involve walking short distances. These visits are ‘risk assessed’ in advance and risk assessments have to be approved by the Educational Visits Co-ordinator before they can go ahead. Adequate staffing levels are paramount.
  • We also request permission to publish your child’s photograph on the school website. Full details are given in our letter ‘Photographs on Loatlands Website’.

We ask you to sign and return the agreement forms.

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