The Early Years Curriculum—just playing?

In the Nursery and in Reception it always looks like we’re playing and having fun, so it might surprise you to learn that we are actually teaching to a set curriculum! The curriculum is laid down by the government and covers all aspects of your child's development.

In the Early years Foundation Stage Framework there are 7 Areas of Learning. We use these areas to plan for your child’s learning and development.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

We help children to develop a positive sense of themselves and others. We enable them to develop relationships with other children and adults, and we teach them how to behave appropriately as part of a group.

Physical development

The children are given lots of opportunities to develop their large muscles, and to keep fit through exercise and healthy snacks. We also help children to develop their fine motor skills so they will be able to control things such as scissors and pens.

Communication and language

Being able to communicate effectively with other people is crucial to your child’s development. We encourage children to talk to each other and we teach them to listen too! Lots of opportunities are given to extend your child’s vocabulary and we teach them how to ask questions effectively.


We want the children to leave the Foundation stage with a love of reading and books, and the ability to express themselves in writing. We will help them learn words and sounds, and will explore ways of writing and expressing their thoughts.


We provide opportunities for your child to develop their counting skills, and we encourage them to explore number problems. We also learn about shapes, pattern and measurement.

Understanding the World

This covers the early stages of history, geography, science and ICT. We explore the local environment, engage with different cultures and explore our own families. We use ICT in a range of ways to support other learning such as teaching the children to use an ipad to help with their maths, or using a camera to record some lovely work.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children need lots of opportunities to explore art, music, movement, dance, role play and design and technology. We provide a varied range of activities to fulfil these needs.

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