Non-attendance at School


If your child is absent from Nursery you must let the school or nursery  know immediately. Please email Miss Ball or ring the school number and leave a message, or speak to a member of staff. If you know in advance your child will be away for an appointment or a holiday please fill in an absence form which is available from the Nursery.

On return to school a note is very helpful even though you may have telephoned on the first day of absence. We are now required to record any absences not notified to us as 'unauthorised' and to report on these annually.

We like to encourage good attendance and advise strongly that parents do not take their children on holiday in term time. A holiday permission form can be obtained from the school office, although latest guidance advises that parents should not normally take pupils on holiday in term. Permission may be granted by the school for the family’s annual holiday but DFES guidance advises that requests be considered individually, taking into account, age, time of year, child’s attendance pattern etc. If the school does not agree absence and the pupils goes on holiday, absence is unauthorised.

Pupil Absence Rates—In 2011-12 we averaged 94.2%.

Where a pupil’s absence raises concerns the school will make every effort to contact the parents at an early opportunity.

Key Stage 2 SAT’s week is normally in early to mid May and all Year 6 pupils should make every effort to attend. Year 2 SAT’s May and Year 1 Phonics Test mid July.


Good timekeeping is not just good manners, it is also essential in the world of work. If a child arrives late (i.e. ten minutes after the start of the session) then a late mark will be recorded.

All children are allowed to enter school from 8.50 onwards, so they re ready to start work at 9.00am.

Leaving school during the day

If your child needs to leave school during lesson time to visit the doctor, dentist or optician a note must be sent to your child’s teacher beforehand or you must collect the child personally from school. Children will not be allowed out of school on their word alone. We advise that, if possible, appointments are made after school or in holiday times.

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