Staying Safe

This section of the website is designed to share all of the things that we do at school to ensure the safety of our children. The entire school community – governors, staff, children and parents – have a role to play, and you will find plenty of information and links to child safety sites here. If you have any suggestions or ideas for things we should include in this section of the website, please let us know. Your feedback is really welcome.

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Child Protection

Every member of staff cares for the well-being of every child in the school. Should a child be upset either from a minor injury or emotionally, then staff will comfort that child. It's not unusual in the early years to see youngsters receiving a reassuring cuddle. If we feel that there is something troubling a child, we will endeavour to find the cause and to talk to parents in order for the child to return to a happy state of mind as quickly as possible.

Through the curriculum activities and Personal, Social and Health Education opportunities, we aim to give children the skills they need to stay safe from abuse. All staff and adult helpers are subject to Criminal Records

Bureau checks to ensure their suitability to work with children.

The head teacher is currently the named staff member for child protection issues, whilst all members of staff have received child protection training.

Miss Alison Ball is a senior safeguarding person.

Tracy Jones is the named governor.

Safety and Security

Safety of our children starts even before the start of school. Waiting areas are provided at both infant/nursery and junior entrances. This means that children can be off the road while waiting for 8.50am when a teacher will invite them onto the playground and into school. Gates to the school will be locked at 9.00am and children will need to enter through the main building.

All external doors in the main building are locked by 9.00am and remain closed during lessons. Playground doors are unlocked during break and lunchtimes and on other occasions when children are outside. Similar arrangements operate in the Nursery. To gain access to the Nursery, you will need to ring the bell while the main school office has a 'buzzer'.

Visitors are given identity badges which both staff and children are trained to recognise.


Who can I talk to?


You can talk to your keyworker or Miss Ball if you feel worried or unsafe. If you feel that you can’t talk to them, then you can speak to Mr Izzard, or any other teacher you feel safe with. Everyone at school wants you to feel happy and safe.

There are also links on the website here that will give you information on things that might worry you. And remember that there is also a free* telephone advice service called Childline where you can talk to someone in confidence about your worries. The number is 0800 1111.

*the service is free on landlines and on the following mobile networks: 3, BT mobile, Fresh, O2, Orange, T-mobile, Virgin, Vodafone.


If you have any concerns about your child’s welfare, please make an appointment with your chilid's keyworker or Miss Ball in the first instance. Remember, they will take any issue or concern you have seriously, and are committed to helping your child feel safe at school. Most issues are resolved satisfactorily at this stage.

If you or your chilid's keyworker feels that the issue cannot be resolved at this level, a meeting can be arranged with the headteacher to take this issue further.

There are also some useful weblinks on the toolbar here if you require some general information.

Safeguarding Policies

The school has various safeguarding policies which you can look at or download here:

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